By Women, For Women

Welcome To Mission House for Women

Sober Living Plus in Portland, Maine

“To offer clean, safe, supportive and affordable housing to women in early recovery”

Mission House believes that the opposite of addiction is connection. Mission House for Women is a sober living facility located in Portland, Maine. Portland has a thriving recovery community that offers more than 100 in person meetings per week. There are a wide variety of meetings, enough to suit any lifestyle.
Mission House aims to provide women seeking a substance-free life a safe and affordable environment to start the process of recovery. Mission House follows 12 step programs to recovery. Residents are required to attend 12 step meetings, obtain a sponsor and work the steps. Life gets better without drugs and alcohol, but it gets infinitely better following a structured recovery program. Working a program of recovery offers spiritual, emotional and mental growth.

12-Step Work Grows Women of Strength, Dignity and Peace.